装货码头是工厂物流流程的核心, which makes it essential that you select high-quality assets for every piece of loading dock equipment. This includes potentially overlooked or underrated features such as loading dock seals and loading dock shelters.

当你设计安全的时候, fast-moving supply chain processes for your warehouse and distribution center facilities, 你不能忽视装载码头封条和掩体. These assets keep workers and shipments safe from the elements while loading and unloading each truck that arrives at the loading dock. Having the correct seals and shelters for your purposes is especially important for temperature control purposes.

Legislation including the Food 安全 Modernization Act (FSMA) has clarified the steps companies should take to prevent temperature changes, 防止害虫和其他因素污染货物. Creating a compliant supply chain that lives up to these standards may depend on the 安装与维护 有合适的船坞掩体和封条.

MINER can be your partner for all steps of the loading dock seal and shelter upkeep process, 从选择 来自顶级供应商的合适产品 to installing the asset correctly and performing proactive maintenance to keep it in top condition.


每个装货码头区域都是不同的, defined by factors such as the speed and size of shipments and the necessary temperature and environmental controls. Selecting loading dock seals that will fit your circumstances is an important part of creating a safe environment that also promotes efficiency.

The following are some of your primary options for loading dock seals when working with MINER. MINER can deliver the perfect match for your logistics needs by working with the providers of the highest-quality assets across North America.


V-Seals are made of various colors and types of fabric and work with doors up to 9 feet wide and 10 feet high. The purpose of a V-Seal is to completely fill the gap between the trailer and loading dock door, ensuring that openings such as hinge gaps don’t let the elements in while also allowing workers to move unimpeded.


As with the V-Seal, the DS “Tuf-Steel” series is designed for doors up to 9 feet by 10 feet. These assets are made with steel construction in place of wood to help them have a longer usable life span than similar seals.


Having the right head pad system installed around your loading dock doors is a good way to protect your building from damage when trailers are guided into place. The “Wearmaster” series of sliding head pads is meant for long usable life in harsh conditions and moves up to 6 inches to compensate for slight truck movement during unloading.


增加空间,方便快捷装卸, 您可以安装带有侧垫的“l形”装载船坞密封. These pads are designed to prevent damage to facility walls in case a trailer pulls up at an angle. As with the V-Seal, these seals are available in many materials and colors of fabric. “L-Shaped” loading dock seals are available for doors up to 10 feet wide by 12 feet high.



While loading dock seals are designed to close the small gaps between trucks and your facility, loading dock shelters are larger canopies that keep loading and unloading operations safe from the elements. This can be especially helpful during tough weather conditions but is useful at all times, promoting safety awareness among workers and guarding shipments against contamination.

The following are the three primary types of loading dock shelter available through MINER, 由北美顶级设备供应商制造.


刚性框架船坞掩体是一种多功能的装载码头资产, 旨在适应多种尺寸和类型的门. 这些装载码头的遮蔽物是由镀锌钢框架制成的, 顶部和侧面的玻璃纤维面板可以让光线进入. 覆盖这些庇护所的织物有几种颜色可供选择. When such a shelter is in place, personnel have full width and height access to trailers.


The defining feature of a flex-frame shelter is its greater resistance to impact. 这些装货码头庇护框架在受到冲击时会折叠, 比如一辆卡车偏离中心靠近车门. In other ways, flex-frame shelters offer the same functionality as rigid-frame assets.


铁路掩体延伸到拖车的三面或四面, providing a greater degree of temperature control during the loading and unloading process. These are ideal shelter options for companies seeking to increase the energy efficiency of their environmental systems and comply with regulations such as FSMA.


Getting the right loading dock seals and shelters for your facility begins with determining whether your current assets are suitable for their purpose and in good working order. 这些设施通常没有足够的装载码头设备, 使其成为运营商升级为优质资产.

如果你目前的设备不符合你的行业标准, you can work with MINER to select new loading dock seals and shelters from top vendors. 专业技术人员将安装资产,以确保他们的工作没有问题. 当拖车拉到装货码头时,不对准会导致损坏.

一旦装货码头设备安装完毕, it’s important to put maintenance policies in place to ensure wear and degradation don’t lead to downtime. A seal or shelter failure could cause safety risks to employees and disrupt the supply chain.

在装货码头进行维修的理想方法包括 主动维护计划 基于对每项资产的准确、频繁更新的调查. Companies with functioning proactive maintenance strategies can reduce their need for emergency repair services by up to 50%, thus avoiding the added risk and slowdowns that come from avoidable equipment failures.

当需要及时维修时,MINER也可以提供这些服务. Our trained expert technicians travel with the equipment they need to get the loading dock area running again as quickly as possible.

The overall purpose of modern loading dock equipment is to enable supply chains to new heights of safety and efficiency, 为公司带来整体利益. 装载码头封条和遮蔽物, 通过在装货码头提供一个安全的环境, 这些努力中是否有一个可能被忽视的主要部分. By 与MINER合作,你可以确保这些资产的价值达到峰值.