为什么要等着设备坏掉呢? Strictly reactive maintenance strategies only take effect once an asset has failed and is already having a negative impact on productivity. 在今天的战略和技术先进的设施, 有一个更好的方法:主动维护.

Taking a proactive approach to equipment failure means keeping track of the many critical assets that make up your facility and providing upkeep before breakdowns occur. This can lessen avoidable downtime and help you track and optimize total cost of ownership.

Beginning a switch from a proactive to reactive maintenance strategy requires a rethink of your approach. 但这并不一定是一个破坏性的过程, especially when you are working with MINER’s expert team of consultants and technicians.

Considering the productivity benefits that can come from making the change, your organization is leaving money on the table every day it doesn’t investigate proactive maintenance.


Proactive maintenance is at its best when it is carried out in a disciplined and data-rich style. 这意味着要建立一个包含设施中所有资产的数据库. It should note each piece of equipment’s suitability for its role, age and wear status.

Condition monitoring and regular updates to this listing ensure that technicians are focusing on the most likely sources of avoidable failures and unplanned downtime when they perform maintenance work.

Combining condition based maintenance with scheduled maintenance is a way to get ahead of some machine failure risks. Inspections can be carried out via mobile-compatible assessment tools, allowing personnel to keep meticulous notes about asset status and condition.

一旦你的公司有了这些测量实践, you can launch a proactive maintenance approach that will deal with each asset individually. 而不是把你所有的设备当作一个没有区别的群体, technicians can craft a methodical maintenance strategy that reflects both unchanging facts such as asset age and updated assessments of current condition.


  • 商业门: 当门不能顺利打开或关闭时, 员工很难高效地完成物流工作. 资产失败的代价可能更大, 停工,造成数千美元的生产力损失. 门的组成部分 that may break down include tracks, motors, electronic controls, door seals and insulated panels.
  • 装货码头设备: 就像门一样,其他的 装货码头设备 必须处于最佳状态以保持供应链顺利运行. 从装货码头调平机到车辆限制装置等等, these assets require maintenance to prevent avoidable equipment failure and elevated employee risk.
  • 自动化和机动化资产自动化是现代仓库日益重要的组成部分. The addition of these systems gives employees new options for condition monitoring. 但工人必须确保密切跟踪电机, control systems and more to ensure everything is working within acceptable parameters.
  • 温度控制方案: Whether you’re trying to comply with the Food 安全 Modernization Act (FSMA) or simply hoping to optimize your air conditioning spend, 环境控制系统的每个部分都必须保持. This extends from air conditioning units and HVAC equipment to the insulated doors and seals that lock air in.


Your 主动维护策略 should be suited to your industry, 操作模式和设备设置. This means more than simply coming up with the best ways to repair physical assets. 该计划应该考虑到业务目标. 理想的维护 能减少停机时间,提高员工的工作效率吗. 最好从一开始就考虑这些问题. 安全 awareness and the cleanliness of your facility are other areas of improvement that can be addressed with an overarching 主动维护策略. 当技术人员巡视时, 他们可以纠正设施内的一些潜在问题, 例如通道堵塞和泄漏.  


The effects of proactive maintenance are important because they are so wide-ranging. Every corner of your business can be transformed for the better with an infusion of 专业维修 以及随之而来的更长的正常运行时间. In fact, some of the areas of savings and process improvements may be surprising. The following are some of the results that can accompany a new 主动维护策略 designed and implemented by experts:  

  • 改进的TCO和ROI计算: Frequent inspections and assessments of your assets allow you to create detailed projections regarding their total cost of ownership and return on investment. Understanding TCO and ROI is a key step in optimizing these measures.
  • 更好的合规性和安全意识: Maintaining assets and the facility as a whole on a regular basis can help your organization meet the guidelines created by the Occupational 安全 and Health Administration (OSHA) and other regulatory bodies while also 将可避免事故的风险降至最低.
  • 高效、不间断的操作: 今天的物流流程可以在很大程度上得到优化, 但资产故障和停机时间可能会破坏这些努力. By performing proactive maintenance rather than waiting for a breakdown, 你给了你的供应链一个茁壮成长的机会.

 Many secondary benefits come from these maintenance management advantages. 例如, you may find it easier to retain and recruit top-performing employees when you can promise a compliant work environment with 高度的安全意识. Waiting for equipment to break is simply not an acceptable way to run an industry-leading facility.


Too many organizations have only reactive maintenance strategies in place. These businesses are effectively leaving money on the table by suffering the lost productivity and heightened risk associated with avoidable downtime. Switching to proactive maintenance can lead to a 50% reduction in maintenance costs. 随时提供紧急维修服务是很重要的. 但是应该有专业的技术人员作为你的补充 主动维护策略,而不是替代品. You can work with MINER to develop any or all of the elements of an optimized 主动维护策略. From surveying your equipment to producing a maintenance schedule to performing expert repairs, 我们的专业维修团队, consultants and technicians are available to become key contributors to your operations. Defending against avoidable downtime and equipment breakdown issues through proactive work is a step toward truly modern facility operations, 拥有所有随之而来的优势. 主动维护是这种前瞻性方法的关键.